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Welcome to the Hotline Wiki
Hotline Wiki is a collaboration of everyone on the Hotline community. We intend to document everything Hotline, from servers that made history, protocol and community information and history to current servers, latest news and developments, as well as to provide useful information to newcomers getting started with Hotline, including how to start and run their own server.

Example of how Hotline Works.

We are looking for individuals that currently reside on Hotline, so please step forward and assist us in this effort. Hosting for downloads will be provided offsite by contacting Tagban. We are also looking to build a nice sized database of all possible clients, servers and trackers, as well as the source code that goes with them, working on moving Hotline forward into a new era, and to encourage more developers to step forward and work on related projects.

~Tagban (Formally LostArch)

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Hotline ClientsEdit

One of our goals is to bring up the development of Hotline clients. You can take a look at the clients that there are currently available and in development in the clients page. There are two clients currently being worked on. One for Mac OS X and another for Windows (although written in Qt). There is also a third client, written in Cocoa whose development has been put on hold indefinitely. Development on another Windows client by LostArch will start soon. It will be open source and freely available to anyone that wants to improve upon it. You can connect to his server, for more information. Want to see the list of trackers? Or run one of your own? Check out our Trackers page.

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